Child Aware Approaches Conference (Low Res JPEGs)-1

Child Aware

Approaches Conference

The Long Walk Best Of 2015 (Low Res JPEGs)-76

The Long Walk 2015

The Long Walk Foundation

Share the Spirit 2015 (Facebook JPEGs)-14

Share the Spirit 2015


Honour Roll 2014 (Screen JPEGs)-213

Victorian Indigenous Honour Roll 2014

Victorian Indigenous Honour Roll

Nitet Yapeneyepuk (Low Res JPEGs)-2

Bunjilaka NAIDOC Week


Blak Nite Screen 2015 (Low Res JPEGs)-125

Blak Nite Screen

Blak Nite Screen

Futurevation at the Astor (Screen JPEGs)-2

Futurevation at the Astor

A part of the City of Port Phillip business networking program.

Punuku Tjukurpa (Low Res JPEGs)-123

Punuku Tjukurpa

Exhibition opening I shot for Melbourne Museum. Punuku Tjukurpa

Mr Burger Truck (Low Res JPEGs)-100

Mr Burger

Photoshoot of a Mr Burger van on behalf of -

KHT 30th Birthday (Low Res JPEGs)-91

Koorie Heritage Trust 30th Birthday

Rumbalara Unity Cup (Low Res JPEGs)-81

Unity Cup at Rumbalara

NAIDOC Ceremony and Portraits (Low Res JPEGs)-66

NAIDOC at Government House

Maitreya 2015 (Facebook JPEGs)-85

Maitreya 2015

With such a photogenic festival, it’s hard not to get the camera out. Even despite the dust. You can see the full selection here Or some shots from 2013 and 2010

AIDA Conference (Screen JPEGs)-6

AIDA Conference

I was the photographer for this fantastic event in 2014. -

France (Screen JPEGs)-7


The Alsace was my favourite part of France which you might see from the images here.

KYC Portraits (Screen JPEGs)-6

Koorie Youth Council

I was commissioned to take photos of the Koorie Youth Council around the state of Victoria. -

Brimbank Portraits (Screen JPEGs)-1

Brimbank Portraits

These were some quick family portraits I was asked to take at their Xmas gathering in 2013.

Yulkuum Jerrang Thursday (Screen JPEGs)-38

Yulkuum Jerrang

A lovely conference I shot promoting the development of Indigenous business. It was great to hear some international speakers talk about their experiences.

Archie Roach (Screen JPEGs) (8)

Music Promo

Being a musician myself, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph a lot of my friends in the business. Having a good understanding of their music enables me to get a true ...


Koori Justice Unit Calendar 2014

I look forward to seeing this calendar in many community organisations around Victoria.


Koori Justice Unit Calendar 2013

I was pleased to see this calendar in many community organisations around Victoria.  

Small Business Big Future (Screen JPEGs)-6

Small Business Big Future

I was asked to take some photos of some emerging small business people in Shepparton for an exhibition highlighting the good work of Small Business Victoria.

Yulendj Project Elders (Screen JPEGs)-8

Yulendj Project Elders

A honour to shoot elders working hard to continue Koori culture via Melbourne Museum.

Congress Lowitja 2012 (Screen JPEGs)-414

Congress Lowitja

I was honoured to shoot this conference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Emerge 2013 (Screen JPEGs)-219

Emerge Festival 2011-3

Multicultural Arts Victoria put on a festival each year promoting young up and coming artists.

Federation Bells (Screen JPEGs)-6

Federation Bells

I was asked to shoot the Federation Bells for the City of Melbourne ongoing promotion of them.

Ngarara Willim (Screen JPEGs)-93

Ngarara Willim (RMIT)

Promotion of the Ngarara Willim Centre at RMIT.

Vitality Chiropractic (Screen JPEGs)-89

Chiropractors Accociation of Victoria

Promotion of the Chiropractors Association of Victoria.

Maurial Spearim, Ann Dougan, Megan Cope and Phil Ah Wang

AEC Indigenous

A nationwide campaign to encourage Indigenous citizens to vote in the national election.

CPAF 2013 Best Of (Screen JPEGs)-92

Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival

I was the official photographer for the first Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival at Footscray Arts Centre.


Digital Dreamtime Project

I was commissioned to take portraits of community members and families in Roebourne for The Digital Dreamtime Project.

VIYAC Portraits Finished (Screen JPEGs)-81

Koori Youth Council

I was commissioned by the Koori Youth Council to travel the state and photography Koori youth showing off their talents and interests.


London Fashion

While I was on holiday in London I lined up some fashion shoots in to add to my portfolio.


Berlin Fashion

While I was on holiday in Germany I lined up a fashion shoot in Kreuzberg to add to my portfolio.


Paris Fashion

While I was on holiday in France I lined up some fashion shoots to add to my portfolio.

MIAF 2012 (Screen JPEGs)-9

MIAF 2012

I shot the Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival for the Koori Mail. With the success of my images I have been asked by the City of Melbourne to be their photographer for the 2nd Melbourne Indigenous ...

Dreaming Festival (Screen JPEGs)-15

Dreaming Festival 2010

I was at the Dreaming Festival helping to promote Songlines and I just happen to have my Canon DSLR after 6 months and tried to get some cool live music shots.

KHT MAV Final 15 (Screen JPEGs)-2

Black Harmonies Gathering 2010/1/2

Images from the Black Harmonies Gatherings exhibition at the Koorie Heritage Trust in 2013.

Tasmania (Screen JPEGs)-7


Some images I shots recently on holiday in Tasmania.



I love travelling and seeing the world in its various forms. I also am quite inspired by vintage processing and film grading which add more to the vibe of the scene to reproduce some of the magic and nostalgia I felt from being there at that time.



Shooting a lot of events for the Koori and Multicultural communities in Melbourne I get to capture a lot of colourful performers both traditional and contemporary. My focus is on getting key moments full of drama and which tell a story of the dance and the context in where they're performed.

Barry and Anita (Screen JPEGs)-9


I quite enjoy shooting weddings for the fact that it is a very special day for a lot of people and I know the images will be cherished. People are dressed well and like having ...

Appita 66th Conference (Screen JPEG)-270

Appita 2012/3

Business Breakfast at Encore (Screen JPEGs) (69)

City of Port Phillip Networking

A good incentive to facilitate business partnerships in the City of Port Phillip. -

Sports Ready 1000th Trainee-381

Sports Ready 1000th Trainee Celebration

Femi Kuti (17)

AWME 2010-12

I was one of the official photographers for the Australasian World Music Expo for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. There are many dynamic and colourful performers that perform during this expo. I did my ...


Fashion Favourites

James Henry's fashion photography to this date has all been self directed and post processed. His work features shoots in Australia and throughout Europe.